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If you’re in Perry, Utah, and in need of expert appliance repair services, look no further than Perry City Appliance EMT Services. We understand the challenges you face, particularly during emergencies such as power outages. Remember the devastating windstorm in September 2021? Many Perry City residents experienced power outages and food spoilage. We are here to assist you in keeping your appliances functioning smoothly and your food fresh, even in the face of unexpected disruptions.

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Gaining Experience in Appliance Repair in Perry City

Excellent customer service has been an integral part of our family’s heritage and journey, and it all began with the wisdom and guidance of my dad. From a young age, my father instilled in me the value of knowing how to fix things. I can still vividly recall those cherished moments when we worked on the Home Repair Merit Badge together while I was on my journey to becoming an Eagle Scout. He not only showed me how to use a multimeter and repair cars but also imparted the invaluable skills and knowledge that have become the foundation of my career in appliance repair.

I started training my own children from a very young age, teaching them the art of appliance repair. Our garage became our workshop, a space where we not only fixed appliances but also nurtured an environment of learning. It became a unique amalgamation of a shop class, electronics class, and even a business course, all in one.

To aid in their education, I invested in an electronics learning lab from Radio Shack. This lab provided them with a hands-on experience, helping them understand the intricate workings of wiring, electricity, and appliance components. Our journey was marked by countless moments of exploration and discovery, and it was not uncommon for my children to accompany me on service calls in Pleasant View City. Having a little helper in tow was a wonderful experience, allowing them to learn hands-on by assisting with tasks like reattaching dryer vents before we enjoyed a well-deserved Happy Meal together.

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My dad played a pivotal role in training my children as well. He would often join us, sharing his knowledge about motors, working on cars, and even collaborating on projects like rewiring his boat, which he takes out to Willard Bay). These skills, passed down through the generations, have proven invaluable in our journey to better understand, diagnose, and repair kitchen and laundry appliances in Pleasant View City.

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