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My name is Blake. My sons and I repair appliances in North Ogden, Utah. If any of your appliances, are in need of repair, including your washer, dryer, dishwasher, oven, stove, range, microwave, trash compactor, or garbage disposal / disposer, we can help.

Welcome to Appliance EMT! Meet Emily

My wife is Emily. She grew up in North Ogden. Her parents went to Weber High when it was
“Shopko High”. Our kids all graduated from Weber as third generation “Weber Warriors”.

The Story of Appliance EMT

North Ogden in the Eighties

When North Ogden boasted just one traffic light, Emily rode her banana-seat bike named Xanadu to the Stump and Cherry Days. She grew up in the excitement of witnessing the construction of North Ogden’s very own library, to the nostalgic pit stops at Barker’s Gas Station, where friendly attendants pumped your gas, to swimming at North Ogden Swimming Pool after buying treats at TeddyBear’s, North Ogden has always been Emily’s beloved

After finishing a bachelors of arts degree, Emily and I moved back to within 6 minutes of Emily’s childhood home to raise our family on the footstool of Ben Lomond. Back when you could buy a house in Northern Utah for under $200,000.00 I learned appliance repair while I was in college to pay my way through school and support our growing family (we had two kids while in college)

Moving to North Ogden

I opened my appliance repair company, Appliance EMT, in 2004. Our third child, Coleman was
born at McKay Dee Hospital and we brought him home here.
We built a half-scale life-flight helicopter for a parade float for Cherry Days. We were trying to
get the word out that we repaired appliances in North Ogden. The parade float was a hit. I
stored it in my workshop where I would work on broken washers and dryers and refrigerators.
My kids used it as a playhouse when it wasn’t rolling as a parade float.
During summer break, my kids would sometimes take turns going on service calls with me to
repair appliances in North Ogden. They loved it. It was a great time to start teaching them
about the physics of dishwashers. How a microwave works. What a broken washer fill valve
solenoid looked like. How to use a multimeter to diagnose a faulty appliance part. Those are
some of my favorite memories. Hoisting one of my kids behind a dryer to hook the vent back
up. Then getting a Happy Meal at McDonalds by Lee’s Marketplace and a drink of water at the
Stump on the way home. I’m proud of the things my kids have learned over the years and am
proud to work with my sons in our family business now that they are too big to lift behind a
dryer but are still skinny enough to squeeze behind a refrigerator.

Appliance EMT Helicopter at North Ogden Cherry Days Parade
Appliance EMT Helicopter at North Ogden Parade
Appliance EMT North Ogden
After Cherry Days Parade Appliance EMT


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