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How Appliance EMT began in Pleasant View

My Name is Blake with Appliance EMT

In 2002 , my wife Emily, our daughter Carrie, and our son Chris joined me in making Pleasant View City our home. The following year, we welcomed our third child, Coleman, into our growing family. At that time, I was employed at a local appliance repair company, Mark-A-Newt Appliance, in Ogden.  I decided to start my own company and my journey as an owner in the appliance repair industry began. In 2004, I embarked on a new path, founding Appliance E.M.T. Since then, I’ve been dedicated to serving the residents of Pleasant View City and the broader Ogden area with top-notch appliance repair services.  Our family owned and operated small business has now been around for generations!  Check out what others have said in our google reviews!

Becoming Part of the Appliance Repair Industry in Pleasant View City

Helicopter White Appliance EMT

To help get our appliance repair business noticed, we built a half scale “Appliance Repair Life Flight helicopter” parade float for the Cherry Days parade in North Ogden. The float was bland the first year (I ran out of time building it and only got the white primer on it).

The second year, with a little race car red paint, the float looked amazing. It had blinking emergency lights, and the propeller was on a lazy-suzanne bearing and could spin. We
handed out otter pops that year. You could imagine that little helicopter landing on your driveway to repair your washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, oven or stove!  Well, I could at least.  My young sons quickly imagined it had guns and missiles and parachutes.

The third year we were in the parade, my son fell off the float and hurt his head. He was wishing he had a parachute that year.  Luckily, urgent care was at the end of the parade route and we just had to make our way there to get him stitched up.  Just a cut on the forehead.  

Then my kids got bigger and the parade float/playhouse appliance repair helicopter in the garage was just in the way, so I gave it away to get my garage back and to make some more room for repairing washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges, ovens, stoves, and microwaves.

Appliance EMT Helicopter Full Color

Gaining Experience in Appliance Repair in Pleasant View City

Appliance EMT Electrical Training II

My Dad taught me how to fix things when I was little. He was in the service industry too as a heavy engine mechanic.  I remember doing the Home Repair Merit Badge with him while I was working on becoming an Eagle Scout, and we spent many a weekend working on a 1972 Plymouth Duster together.  

He taught me how to use a multimeter and how to repair things. In the family tradition, I started training my kids about how to fix appliances when they were really young. We took washers and dryers apart in our garage.

Appliance EMT Electronic Training
Appliance EMT Training

Our workshop in Pleasant View City became a shop class, electronics class, and business course all in one. I bought an electronics learning lab from Radio Shack and they learned…about wiring, electricity, and appliance repair components.

On occasion, they would come with me on a service call in Pleasant View City. It was nice to have a little helper that I could lift behind a dryer so they could hook the dryer vent back on before we got a Happy Meal together.

Appliance EMT 3 Generations II

My Dad helped train my kids too. He would come over and teach them about motors and work on cars with us, We built a motor model while he explained how the inside worked.

Appliance EMT training III

And we rewired his boat together.  It’s pretty good electrical practice fixing broken wires and burned out light assemblies.  And they learned how to trace a circuit which becomes very handy when working on your appliances.  

Appliance EMT Boat Project
All these skills cross over to be better at understanding, diagnosing, and repairing kitchen and laundry appliances in Pleasant View City.
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